What we do

The services we offer are tailored towards the accessibility and simplification of overseas education/international study. They are carefully structured such that they constitute the impetus to the core principles upon which our firm is hinged. These services include:

Application Guidance

We help you to find an institution/university of your choice that suits your prevailing academic condition, financial budget, and course preference. We also help to package your application.

Visa Assistance

Getting a study visa after you have been accepted into your university of choice can, sometimes, be a Herculean task. We help you to simplify the process of the study visa application by providing assistance and counselling throughout the entire period of the study visa application. At this juncture, it is imperative to state that our firm has recorded an astonishing record of 99% study visa application success.

Standardized Tests

Depending on where and what you want to study, standardized tests like IELST, TOEFL, PTE, ACT, SAT, GMATOR GRE can be part of the requirements for admission. We give you professional advice about the best standardized test to take, where and when to take it.

Career Counselling

As a result of our expertise and experience, we are at a vantage position to offer you counselling about courses and career prospects abroad. Of course, all courses are important and relevant, but the truth is some courses are more important and relevant than the others. Besides, some courses are not even offered to international students especially in Europe which can be partly due to their insufficient local language skill or other reasons. In this case, we advise you on the best path to take-best course to apply for and the career prospects of the course in that country.

Admission Guidance

It is saying the obvious that getting admission into a university of one’s choice and course preference is increasingly becoming difficult as a result of avalanche of applications received by the university from interested students across the world. In a nutshell, admissions into these international universities are now keener and more competitive. Based on our experience, we are quite familiar with the processes and requirements of admission of these universities; we help the students to provide what the universities need for a complete and successful application.